Zhang Yimou’s Shadow Debuts Official U.S. Trailer

Director Zhang Yimou is a Chinese filmmaker that most international audiences would only hear about because of his acclaimed wuxia films, namely 2002’s Hero and 2004’s House of Flying Daggers. While he’s done dramas like The Flowers of War and CGI spectacles like 2016’s The Great Wall, Yimou has shown his best work involves wire-fu fight scenes that balance action with the emotion that drives each movement involved. His return to this was last year’s Shadow. Released in China last September, mere weeks before that release the film saw a premiere at the Venice Film Festival that saw critical acclaim. Rave reviews praising the film’s beauty that both surges in the narrative and the cinematography that looks like living artwork.

The title, combined with the simple contrasting colors of black and white, simply enhance the narrative according to reviews.

The synopsis is as follows:

To finally achieve victory over a rival kingdom, a brilliant general devises an intricate plan involving his wife, a look-alike and two kings.

For those who love wuxia films here in the states, the film will finally see a domestic release on May 3rd and today the official US trailer has been released. Check it out below: